March 22, 2022

2 down and more to go!

We’re always stoked to know a lot of exceptional boards are being built by builders from different parts of the globe. Grant Tipler, a woodworker from Nova Scotia has now been able to build 2 San Marcos paddle boards—our most popular model!

Read on to know more about how he did it.

Jarvis Boards DIY wood paddle board


Board Model:
For this hollow core wood paddle board project he used our San Marcos 10’4” paddle board plan.

Favorite part and most challenging part of the building process:
I had recently built a canoe so the build process was familiar but different. I did some head scratching to figure out the deck layout for the placement of the various vents and leash attachments. Trying to figure out the balance point for the handle took some mucking around! I was successful!

There was not a lot of information about the rails, so I ended up laminating 3 pieces of 4 1/4” by 1/4” thick western red cedar to make the rails. The rest of the build was pretty straight forward. 

I built both a San Marcos 10’4” and an 11’4”. It took three months from start to finish to do both. I use 3/4” by 3/16” strips which helped with the overall weight. It was fun to see the shape of the deck appear as I added strips!

The boards are very stable and fun to paddle, and gorgeous too! Numerous builders reached out to me for help using Instagram, so I connected with lots of people.


Jarvis Boards Builder Spotlight


Lesson learned during the process:
I had a lot of fun with the build. I did a lot of research into build options which I spent too much time worrying about. I was glad I had experience in strip building and epoxy before I started. I have since built 2 strip kayaks and a San Jacinto is in my future!


Jarvis Boards DIY wood paddle board

Well, we hope to see another masterpiece built soon!

Head over to @banknote_wood_craft on Instagram and check out more of his works.


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