March 02, 2022

Our builder spotlight this month is Brett Mueller. An outdoor enthusiast from the vibrant urban center found on the east side of beautiful Vancouver Island—Nanaimo.

With our digital plans and single kit plastic parts, his paddle board build turned out pretty well!


Board Model:
For this hollow core wood paddle board project he used our San Jacinto 11'8" paddle board plan.

Favorite part and most challenging part of the building process:
Fiber glassing the board was, for me, the most satisfying part of the build. Watching the wood grain pop through the wet glass was worth all the work of building the board. Also noteworthy is the 3D printed fin. Probably the most challenging part was getting the bead and cove strips to fit. Nothing that wasn't fixable with some wood filler or thickened epoxy though.

Hollow core wood paddle board

Lesson learned during the process:
Definitely having patience to do every step until completion. Not rushing to get to the next step. There was no rush to have it done, but it was always too exciting to get to the next process.


Jarvis Boards Builder Spotlight

“Great set of plans, the board handles great and is a pleasure to paddle.”


As the weather gets warmer, we'll surely see more of his beautiful board exploring the waters of Vancouver Island.

Give him a follow at @brettmmueller.


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