Choosing the Right Board

Board Model



Paddler Size


San Marcos

Our most popular board, this versatile board is available in two sizes and balances speed and stability for a wide range of paddlers and conditions.
10’4” L x 31.5” W or
11’4” L x 32” W
Up to 175 lbs or
Up to 260lbs
All Around, Stability, Yoga, Fishing, Surfing

San Jacinto

Available in two sizes, this board features a pointed nose making it fast through the water for fitness paddling on calmer waters.
10’8” L x 30” W or
11’8” L x 31” W
Up to 165 lbs or
Up to 240 lbs
Touring, Speed/Fitness, Yoga, Fishing


Designed as a light weight board made for surfing, this board also works well as an all around board for very petite paddlers.
9’6” L x 32” W
Up to 135lbs for flatwater,
or 195lbs for surfing
Surfing, All Around, Yoga