April 06, 2022

Meet Brian Delgado, a three-year engineering major at Stanford University. He always loved building things and when the company he currently works for as an intern took notice of it, particularly working with wood, they gave their full support and gifted him a Jarvis SUP kit! Most recently, he completed his wooden paddle board project and he took it out to a lagoon in Carlsbad, California on its maiden voyage.

Read on and find out more about his story.

Jarvis Boards builder spotlight Brian Delgado


Board Model:
For this hollow core wood paddle board project he used our San Jacinto 10'8" paddle board plan.

Favorite part and most challenging part of the building process:
Hands down, glassing for both. I loved this part of the build because there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your board brought to life as you pour out your initial layer of epoxy. However, it went downhill for me after that. I had never worked with fiberglass or epoxy before, and although I did my research, mistakes were made during the glassing process. Ultimately, I was able to fix my mistakes and am very happy with the end result.

Jarvis Boards builder spotlight


Lesson learned during the process:
Slow down and fully think out what you’re about to do. Often, I’m so eager to start that I overlook some detail which causes on the fly design changes later on. This often works out for me, however, it’s way less stressful when you jump in with a solid game-plan.

Jarvis Boards builder spotlight


It’s rare for us to meet young builders in this community so a huge shout-out to Let’s Go Robotics for shining a spotlight on this young man’s passion. We hope you continue chasing waves, Brian D!

Check out more of his works on Instagram @bd_woodworks_ and might as well give him a follow.


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