August 01, 2018

Happy Wednesday everyone! We have been very busy the last couple of weeks here at Jarvis Boards, from being featured on KVUE News here in Austin, to participating in Tyler’s Dam That Cancer. 

As we mentioned in our previous posts, we are big fans of stories at Jarvis Boards and a lot of our boards have their own stories too. So we decided to start a new series on our blog called “Board Stories” where we will feature some cool stories that our boards got to be a part of.  

A few weeks ago, our paddle boards were a part of a surprise proposal that we wanted to share with you guys today. Many of you are probably familiar with Orangetheory Fitness and have maybe even participated in one of their gruesome workouts before. Well, Troy Taylor is the regional director of Orangetheory in Austin. Troy gave us a call a few weeks ago inquiring about a pair of our wood paddleboards and he asked to stop by the shop. Let’s just say he’s going on our list of the coolest customers we’ve ever worked with. From his bright orange decked out jeep, to the Orangetheory logo that is shaved into his hair, this guy is a "go big or go home" type of guy so we expected nothing less for his custom paddle board that we were going to build for him to use during Dam That Cancer.  

Troy arranged to pick up his board after-hours a few days before the start of Tyler's Dam That Cancer. He then informed us that he planned on paddling the 21 miles with a ring in the cup holder on his board. Troy was going to propose to his long time girlfriend at the finish line of the paddle. 

Over the weeks of working with Troy, we knew this was going to be a pretty epic moment. After Troy completed the 21-mile journey on his Spiderman paddle board, his girlfriend and two daughters greeted him at the finish line.  Troy popped the question as he soon got off his paddleboard and we couldn’t help but shed a few tears as we watched this special moment between Troy, his now fiancée, and their two daughters. 


This might be the first proposal our paddleboards were a part of, but we are so glad it was Troy’s. We are so excited for you Troy, and we are so honored you chose us to build your wood paddle board and be a part of your special day. 


Stay tuned for more “Board Stories” in the weeks to come.