That time we took a legendary basketball player paddling

That time we took a legendary basketball player paddling

If you are a fan of the San Antonio Spurs you are going to love this week's Board Story. A couple weeks ago I got to take THE Bruce Bowen out on his birthday to paddle board for his first time ever. 

If you aren't familiar with Bruce Bowen, he's an NBA legend. Having won 3 NBA championships, he has been called one of the greatest defenders to play the game. As I learned from our time paddle boarding in Austin, he's also genuinely nice, very funny and a super committed parent. So how did he do paddle boarding?  

At 6'8 and not having a background playing outdoors, he was a little nervous to say the least. After a quick one minute lesson on the basics, and a couple of pep talks, Bruce was ready to give it a try. Like most new paddlers, he smartly started paddling on his knees keeping his center of gravity low until his confidence increased.

Of course, that didn’t last long though. He had to prove to all of you that voted that he would fall that he was a paddle boarding pro. Soon enough, Bruce was on his feet and paddling away

By the end of the day, you would have thought he had been paddle boarding for years! He was still a little nervous, but his endless amount of jokes and laughter would have told you differently. 

Paddle boarding in Austin with Bruce Bowen from Jarvis Boards on Vimeo.


 We had to end his birthday the right way with a round of beers to go around. Bruce, it was an honor and pleasure to be a part of your birthday celebration. You’re on your way to becoming a paddle boarding legend!

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