August 23, 2018

Wakesurfing — the lake activity that has probably filled every one of each of your Instagram feeds this summer. It is safe to say that wakesurfing has taken the nation by storm. Go out to the nearest lake on any given Saturday and you’ll see some people barely trying to hold on to the wake, while others are trying to nail a 360 on one. 

We joined in on this fun by launching or own line of wood wakesurf boards back in June and you guys blew us away with your response to them. So we decided with summer coming to a close, we wanted to release two limited edition wood wakesurf boards that would be a necessity for your last minute lake vacations. 

As y’all know, we take pride in handcrafting our wood boards in the United States, so we thought what better way to pay tribute to that then to create a totally decked out “America” board. We crafted two wood wakesurf boards that feature 28 unique pieces of wood formed into the American flag. The front of this board features the unique rivers that make up the great American landscape that we get to call home. Now, we couldn’t just stop here because if you’re going to get patriotic, you’ve got to go all out. So, we set the price of these two unique wood wakesurf boards at $1776.00, the year our great country was founded. 

One week later and these two boards have already created quite the buzz. They were featured on the front page of the Style section on Dallas Morning News just a few short days after the initial launch. Like I mentioned, we only made two of these boards and one of them has already sold. That means there is only ONE left. Grab yours before they are gone forever!