The coolest custom paddle board ever?

The coolest custom paddle board ever?

One of the joys of building custom wood paddle boards is the story behind the boards. We've had the privilege of building boards for customers from all walks of life. We recently created a board that involves a moon landing, a future hall of fame quarterback, and a University that is just too good of a story not to share.

Custom paddle board

Purdue University is celebrating their 150th year anniversary by reflecting on the "Giant Leaps" made by their alumni. Why the term "Giant Leaps" you ask?  The phrase "Giant Leaps" of course comes from the alumnus and world famous astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous quote when he was the first human to step foot on the moon.

Luxury paddle board

Where is this particular board headed? It's on its way to another celebrated alumnus that happens to love paddle boarding. He hasn't been to the moon yet, but has thrown a football more yards than anyone else in history.... and is arguably one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to ever play the game. 

To make this custom board extra special, we've added Brees' team logo and four kids' names to the top side of the board. Look out for more on this particular board in the future. 


Ready to start your own custom board? Drop us a note and let's build something epic together. 
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