Austin, TX - Paddle board series

Austin, TX - Paddle board series

Austin, TX. It's changed a lot since we moved here more than a decade ago, but we love it. Every inch of it. From the live music, to the best barbecue and breakfast tacos in the country, to the waterways made for paddleboarding. There is a reason that after traveling around the world we choose to call this special place home. 

To pay homage to our home city, we are building a series of 6 one of a kind wood paddle boards to showcase some of our favorite things about the city. If you'd like to see us build these over the next few weeks, follow along on Instagram and Facebook to watch them come together. 

The six boards in this series will feature: 

1. The iconic, "I love you so much." art mural to represent the love and welcoming nature of the city.  This sweet, simple message is one of the most photographed spots in the city.  It represents a space where we can declare our love for all things great in Austin. For this custom paddle board, we will add this iconic slogan in red ink across the board. 

2. With more than 50,000 students, the University of Texas at Austin is one of the most prominent universities in the country. Given it's sheer size and passionate alumni base, it's difficult to overstate the importance of the University to the city of Austin. We've been licensed to build one of these custom paddle boards for one lucky UT fan! For this one, we will inlay a single Longhorn on to the nose of our wood paddle board.

3. This is always an interesting one. The largest urban bat colony in North America lives right here in Austin, TX. With more than 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats, there are more bats living under the Congress Avenue bridge than there are people in Austin. Each night at dusk, the bats emerge from under the bridge creating a spectacular scene over Lady Bird Lake that one must witness in person to fully grasp. For this wood paddle board, we will add a water's eye view of the bridge with the bats emerging using an alternating series of woods. 

4. Let's talk about night life. There is a lot of good food and good fun to be had in this city. From the downtown entertainment districts to the newer, trendier bars on the east side of town, there is something for everyone. Nothing embodies the joy of night life quite like the skyline of downtown. For this custom paddle board, we will use darker woods to create the skyline for some of the cities most famous landmarks. To make the skyline come to life, we will add elements of lighter wood to create "windows" int he buildings. This one is going to be epic! 

5. Speaking of nightlife, the soul of this great city is it's live music. From the airport, to the coffee shops and bars, to street corners and festivals, it's hard to travel far without hearing some great live music. Nothing symbolizes this live music quite like the electric guitar.  For this custom paddle board, we will inlay a wood guitar across the nose of our board. 

6. Pop quiz. What's the largest state capitol building in the US? The Texas state capitol of course.  Everything's bigger in Texas, and Austin is home to our state government. To pay homage to our great state, we are building a one of a kind board in the image of a flag with at Texas state seal inlayed in the nose. This will be epic, ya'll! 


Austin paddle board Austin paddle board skyline
Austin paddle board series Austin paddle board bats

Want to be the lucky person that grabs one of these 6 boards? These are available for pre-order now with only one of each being made for mid June delivery. 


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