July 29, 2019

Ever curious about the real story behind Jarvis Boards? The good the bad and the ugly of how we got started? This month we were fortunate enough to land on not one but two nationally broadcast podcasts and radio shows. Each of these hosts  could not have been more different in their approach, backgrounds, and questions asked. Both hosts had one thing in common however, they were able to to get me, a normally very private person,  to open up about a host of topics ranging from the growth of the business to what really motivates me and Jarvis Boards personally. 

If you are curious about entrepreneurship, want to learn more about building wood surfboards or where Jarvis Boards is headed long term then give these a listen. 

Podcast #1 - Podcast number one was on Money Making Conversations with host Rushion McDonald. Rushion is a stand up comedian with a lengthy carrier working with a number of celebrities and entertainers including producing the Steve Harvey Show among others.  This interview is not only one of the funniest podcasts around but touched on some serious topics such including being a minority in the outdoor industry and African American entrepreneurship. If you have thirty minutes, you don't want to miss this podcast! 


Podcast #2 - Adventure sports podcast is one of the largest outdoor podcasts in the world. Host Mason Gravley and I spoke about the history of Jarvis Boards and really dove deeply into the origin story and what it really takes to build and create a business based on passion and the struggle and grind of making it. If you love the outdoors and want to learn more about our future. Give this podcast a listen! 



Until next time. Work Hard and Surf Often

- By Jarvis Boards founder Tony Smith







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