January 09, 2019

Every year, the top New Years resolutions are about losing weight and getting in shape. You know the routine, commit to a gym or fad diet that you hate and slog it out. When did staying in shape become so painful and dreadful? Remember when you were a kid and all you did was go outside and play but yet you were in the best shape of your life? There were no grueling workouts, you were just active every single day.

This same "playful workout" can be found in paddle boarding. You'll look forward to your "workout" because it won't feel like a workout. Instead, it's just something fun to do that happens to burn a ton of calories. It works every single muscle of your body so that you feel that satisfying burn the next day. To drive this point home, we recently created an infographic to help hammer home just how effective of a workout paddleboarding is. 

If you are like many and want a paddle board for fitness consider these two options:

1. If you are a complete novice or dream of the most stable board that you can find, consider our San Marcos board for fitness paddle boarding. It features an all- around shape that will excel in a wide range of water conditions.

2. If you aren't interested in surfing or you just want the fastest board that we make, then consider the San Jacinto paddle board. This wood paddle board makes a great fitness SUP because it has a displacement hull design. The "pointed" nose makes it faster through the water and helps you to travel in a straight line. 

Still not sure which paddle board is right for you? Drop us an email or check out our selection guide and we can point you in the right direction!