A paddle board named Clint....

A paddle board named Clint....

If you've followed us for sometime, you may recall the original love paddle board that we made named, "I just want love." For this design, we blended wood inlays with the full color graphics of the flower to spell the word "love." When we first sketched this custom paddle board, I was nervous to make it as I wasn't sure how it would be received. Well, y'all proved me wrong as the original Love board was almost immediately snapped up and made it's way to enjoy paddle boarding in the pacific northwest. 

Soon after we made the original paddle board, customer's began requesting their own variations of this custom paddle board. First their was "God is Love" which made it's way to Arizona, then their was "Love and Peace" which we shipped to Nebraska. Our latest wooden board is truly out of this world. For this custom paddle board design, the customer hand drew "Clint" which she wanted to replace the flower. We were skeptical at first as hand drawn sketches can be difficult for us to reproduce on a wooden paddle board but when we saw the design, we couldn't say no. 

Custom wooden paddle board on lake Michigan Lake Michigan paddle boarding
Wooden paddle board lake Michigan Paddle boarding Chicago

If you are like us, you probably have a million questions. Why an alien? Why is he named "Clint"? Why is Clint holding a flower? Honestly, we have no idea why. All we know is it's badass and when Clint isn't exploring the cosmos, he spends his time paddle boarding Lake Michigan!

Want to design your own custom paddle board? You can even name it Clint!

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