February 28, 2019

When designing our custom paddle boards, we pull inspiration for life's daily events. Our latest wooden paddle board was inspired by lunch with an old co-worker friend. Prior to starting Jarvis Boards, I spent a little over a decade in the investment world. Some days the stock market would be up and some days it would be down. I recently visited some old friends for my investment days which inspired our latest limited edition board, "project wall street." For this limited edition wood paddle board, we will be inlaying both a bull, representing stocks going up, and a bear representing stocks going down. For the bear we've pulled inspiration for our recently sold out California edition board. To see this one of a kind board unfold, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see project Wall street come to life! If you are interested in reserving this one, email us at support@jarvisboards.com

By Tony Smith -Founder at Jarvis Boards