Want to build your own paddle board?

Want to build your own paddle board?

The JarvisBoards journey began with a simple how to guide and a dream to build wood paddle boards. We've come full circle and are proud to offer wooden paddle board kits, paddle board plans, and how to guides. We've distilled the knowledge gained over the years into easy to follow, "How to Build a Paddle Board" guides for the DIY builder. 

Wooden paddle board plans Wood paddle board frame kit
making a wood paddle board Wood paddle board frame

Our paddle board kits are available in a number of options ranging from paper & digital plans, to complete kits. Curious how to build a paddle board? We've created a number of instructions including one on one live video support to ensure your build is successful! 

What makes our paddle boards kits so special? 
1. Most plans require you to manufacture a special table called a "rocker table" to build your paddle board on. With your kits, this isn't needed! Our kits includes integrated legs that allows you to build a board on any flat surface without the added time and expensive of building a rocker table. 
2. We've made more wooden paddle boards than anyone else on the planet. As such, we've distilled all of the knowledge gained into the best performing wooden boards on the market. 
Start building your wood paddle board today with either our frame kits or complete kits. 



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