A fulfilling retired life.

Retirement equals plenty of free time, which means you can now do something that you always wanted to do. For this retiree, he took on his first ever DIY project and that is to build a wooden paddle board!

Read on to know more about his story.

Builder spotlight from Sunapee

Board Model:
For this hollow core DIY wood paddle board project he used our San Jacinto 11'8" paddle board plan.

Favorite part and most challenging part of the building process:
It was the step by step learning process that was the most fun. Installing the strips was a challenge. However, it was my first ever type project and it’s a great retirement project!

Jarvis Boards Builder San Marcos 11'4"

Lesson learned during the process:
Next time I would use full length strips. For some reason I cut my 10 foot long board thinking it would be easier, but it just made it harder. The Saran Wrap technique only worked for the middle boards. The only way really was to go with multiple clamps as I got on the outside and side of the board.

Jarvis Boards Builder Spotllight

You’ve built an awesome board, Anthony! We appreciate you giving a glimpse into your post-retirement life and the coolest thing is that you made us a part of it!

Retirement is not the end of life; rather it’s a whole new chapter of well-planned opportunities to live life to its fullest. Would you take on a DIY project like this builder? Try it! It’s fun and a rewarding experience.

Are you working on your own paddle board project? We'd love to share your build and your story on our blog. Drop us a note at or message us on Instagram.

Ready to start your own paddle board build? There are a few ways to start. You can start with our digital or printed paddle board plans or with our pre-cut frame kits. Also, we've got Pre-milled Paulownia wood strips or planks for your board skins. 

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