This builder just raised the bar high! We can imagine the work it took to build his board, but isn't that what's great about doing DIY wooden paddleboard projects? You get to do it yourself, you are able to choose the design, build it whenever you want, and then use it to your heart’s content once it’s finished. As long as you have patience and commitment, nothing is impossible.

Read through and get inspired.

Jarvis Boards builder

Board Model:
For this hollow core DIY wood paddle board project he used our San Jacinto 11'8" paddle board plan.

Favorite part and most challenging part of the building process:
The most enjoyable part was gluing the strips because you can see the outline of the future look. The most satisfying part was shaping the rails—working with hand tools is very relaxing!

The biggest challenge was glassing because working with resin was new to me, but it was not as bad as I thought.

San Jacinto board

Lesson learned during the process:
Wear gloves when working with polyurethane glue. But the biggest lesson was to have enough patience. Speeding up some stages causes problems with subsequent work, so it's better to be thorough from the beginning.

Jarvis Boards

Want to see more? Watch a timelapse video of the building process here and witness how this builder turned his vision into reality.

Great work, Jacek! Give your support and follow him on his social channels: YoutubeInstagram

For the future builders out there, hope this excites you to get started and build your own wooden paddleboard. Should be a great to-do this Summer! And if you find yourself in doubt of being able to do it or not, we have more builder spotlight stories to inspire you in our blog.


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Ready to start your own paddle board build? There are a few ways to start. You can start with our digital or printed paddle board plans or with our pre-cut frame kits. Also, we've got Pre-milled Paulownia wood strips or planks for your board skins. 

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