1.5 Gallons Resin Research Epoxy + Slow Hardener


1.5 Gallons Resin Research Epoxy + Slow Hardener


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Product description

Our 2-Part Epoxy Resin from Resin Research is a high-performance epoxy that soaks into the fiberglass cloth, creating a strong and reliable seal around your board. After thousands of board builds ourselves, we’ve opted for supplying Resin Research Epoxy Resin + Slow Hardener combination. One order of 1.5 gallons is enough for most paddle board builds.

The advanced formula is self leveling, which makes it simple to apply and cure evenly. The end result is a paddle board that is solid and waterproof, ready for the water and built to last.

For many of our customers, using epoxy resin is a new process. We’ve created a tutorial video and are happy to help answer any questions you have to ensure a confident glassing experience.

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