By all means! Salt or fresh water really doesn't make a difference. Like any board, it does't hurt to rinse it off with clean fresh water periodically. 

Like all rigid paddle boards, you'll want to store your board out of direct sunlight. It is best not to store boards in wet/damp storage bags. The ideal storage solution is a wall mounted rack.

Our boards can be transported on roof racks or in truck tailgates. Care should be taken not to over tighten ratchet straps.

No, the wood is completely sealed creating a maintenance free finish. After each use, simply rinse and dry your board.

Like all boards, the biggest impact on longevity is direct exposure to sunlight. It is advised that your board not be stored in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Other than that, no special care is required.


Yes! Head to the pay over time section of our webpage. There you'll be able to complete the application to pay for your board over time! 

Approximately 90% of the boards that we make are shipped outside of Austin. We charge a flat fee of $60 dollars per board for shipments within the continental US. Please see our Shipping/Returns page for more details. 

Yes, we have shipped boards as far away as Singapore. Pricing varies for and within each country. Typically international air freight costs range from $400 to $900 per board. Please email us for a specific quote. 

We love visitors. Our shop is a working shop where we actually make the boards. As such, if you could email us in advance to let us know that you are coming we would greatly appreciate it! 

Please see our size guide which will point you in the right direction. Alternatively, you can complete our boards selection form and we will send you a personalized recommendation.


We are proud of the fact that all of our boards are handcrafted locally in Austin, TX. 

No. Our boards are comparable in weight to similar sized plastic boards. Because wood is such a strong natural building block, we don't have to use as much epoxy and fiberglass keeping the weight to a minimum. 

No. While this may be counterintuitive, they are much less prone to damage than typical foam/fiberglass boards. Due to the natural strength of wood fibers, our boards are much less likely to pressure ding or spider web. Under typical usage, the only damage that you may see from impacts will be superficial. This damage to the fiberglass can typically be easily fixed by any board shop or at home. Please contact us with specific questions.

Yes. We have customized boards for birthdays, anniversaries and more. To order a custom board, head to our custom board section and get started.

Most of our designs are one of a kinds.  Some previously made designs are available for remake. (Email us from the board that you are interested in if you are intrested in a remake)