How to E-Book & Quick Start Guide.

Thinking about building one of our boards but unsure what is required? Unsure which board size may be best for you? 

Start here. Our E-book includes over 35 pages to help you better choose the right board for you and to better understand the build process and what all is involved. If you are new to building wood boards or considering if this is the right project for you, then downloading our E-book quick start guide is a great place to start. 


Can I build a board using this guide? 

No. While this guide will provide you with significant how to information and also help you to make a better decision on which size board to build, it will not be enough to build a board. You will either need to download a copy of our digital templates, paper templates, or pre cut frame kits to build your board. 

Why buy this guide? 

This guide will walk you through the build process and provide you with additional technical details on each model to help you to better understand which board is right for you. It includes over 35 pages of how to information including build pictures. 

Who is this guide for? 

If you are curious about our build process or considering building a board, this is for you.