August 24, 2021

So you’ve just purchased a new paddle board and you are unsure how and where to store your paddle board. Maybe you know where you want to store your paddle board but are unsure how to store your paddle board in your garage? Or maybe you are like other new paddlers and you are wondering how to care for your paddle board. Look no further, this article will help you learn how to care for your paddle board as well as how to store your paddle board. This includes some of the considerations when looking for a paddle board storage solution. 

There are a few critical Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when it comes to taking care of your paddle board. The 1st thing to consider when taking care of your paddle board is how and where to store your paddle board. Many people ask, “Can I store my paddle board outside?” While it is technically possible, your best solution is to store your board out of direct sunlight and indoors. All things being equal, a wood paddle board stored inside will last significantly longer and look better than a board stored outside in the elements. 

Before you store your paddle board, there are two other things that you should do after each use. 1. It is recommended that you rinse and dry your board off after each use. This will get rid of any salt, mud and algae that may discolor your board over time. 2. When drying your board, inspect the full surface for any dings in the fiberglass. Any dings should be repaired before putting your board back in the water. 

How to store your paddle board


So now that you know that your paddle board needs to be stored inside and how to keep it in tip top shape, you are probably wondering how to store your paddle board inside so that it is both easy to access and out of the way. This is where our paddle board storage rack comes in. These were designed to work with our wood paddle boards but also work great for any paddle board.

Our wall mounted paddle board racks are designed to go inside your garage and are made in the US from premium baltic birch wood. Not only are our wood paddle board wall racks made in the US but they include an innovative solution so that you can store your paddle with your board ensuring that you are ready for the water. 

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