January 27, 2019

Ever wonder how to store your paddle board or surfboard? Need a paddle board storage rack for your garage or living room? You'll want to follow some basic guidelines to store your paddle board when not in use.

1. Rinse it -Use a garden hose with fresh water to remove any mud or salt from the surface.  This will protect your board's surface. 

2. Dry it - With a clean towel, dry your board and inspect it for any dings or dents that may have penetrated the outer water proof layer. If you notice any dings, you'll want to repair them prior to putting your board back in the water. 

3. Store it - Store it out of direct sunlight in a location that is both easily accessible and won't easily be damaged. It helps to have a wall mounted storage rack which will get your board off the ground and out of the way.  By storing the board, it won't get scratched or have "stuff" piled on top making it difficult to access for your next adventure. 

4. Show it - When you are not out on the water with your board, you want to make sure you showcase your beautiful board for all to see.  With a wall mounted storage rack, you can display your board anywhere in your house, garage, or office as a decorative piece of artwork in between paddle sessions. 

This is where we have you covered. We've designed premium wood wall mount paddle board racks that make storing your boards a breeze. We sell paddle board wall racks that store your board close to the wall and out of the way. The best part, these minimalist paddle board racks are easy to install in about 15 minutes making them a great option for storing your precious boards.  If you are in need of a wall mounted surfboard or paddle board storage rack, check our Gear section, and get your boards up on the wall and out of the way where they belong. 

Paddle board storage rack Wall mount paddle board storage rack
Wall mount surfboard storage rack Minimalist surfboard storage rack