How to Build a wood paddle board - PDF Plans

How to Build a wood paddle board - PDF Plans

Have you every dreamed of building a wooden paddle board? Maybe you are just curious how hollow core paddle boards and wooden surfboards are made. Look no further, You've come to the right pace for wooden paddle board plans and pdfs. Jarvis Boards offers free paddle board guides along side our hollow core paddle board kits. 

hollow core wood paddle board plans

So why build a wood paddle board? 

There are lots of reasons that people build wood paddle boards. Some wood paddle board shapers are long time wood workers looking for a new challenge while others are interested in the sport of paddle boarding and want to create their own perfect board along side their families. Whatever the motivation, this is a great project that many people around the world have made using Jarvis Boards pdf plans and paddle board kits. 



What do you need?

So what supplies do you need to build a wooden paddle board? In a nut shell, you will need to create an internal frame. This is made of lightweight wood. This skeleton of a frame can be made using either our paddle board plans or by purchasing one of our paddle board kits seen here.   Once the frame is made you'll use your favorite woods to cover the outer skeleton to create the outer skin. Once the skins are applied, you'll add accessories like bungees, handles, fin boxes and more. From there you will cover the entire board with fiberglass. While this step can be intimidating, it's easier than you think. To learn more about the step of fiberglassing your paddle board, take a look at the video here. 

free pdf paddle board plans


 Where do you start

So where do you start? There are a number of places actually. Most people start with our DIY paddle board kits. To learn more about those, click here. If you are looking for a free set of PDF paddle board plans, enter your email below and we will email you our quick start guide!  

Jarvis Boards Reviews 

See what others are building using Jarvis Boards kits.

Do you want to see examples of wood paddle boards that others have made or more Jarvis Boards Reviews? Look no further than the beautiful wood boards below made by others using our wooden paddle board kits and plans.

DIY wood paddle board plans


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