January 15, 2019

"Can I design my own custom paddle board?"

This is one of the most common questions that we get at Jarvis Boards. 

The opportunity to build custom paddle boards is one of our favorite and most fulfilling parts of our jobs. It gives us the opportunity to really get to know each customer on a personal level, and to pour our heart and soul into crafting their very own paddle board. We've been fortunate enough to build customized paddle boards for a host of occasions ranging from birthdays to anniversaries, wedding gifts to retirement gifts. So now you may be wondering, "How does it all work?"

We offer two levels of customization: Option one allows customers to personalize their board with text, names, or graphics as a print that is placed onto any of our classic model boards. Option two takes this one step further by allowing customers to design their own wooden patterns including intricate inlays on the top of their board. However, for both options the process to get started is simple.

Design Process:

Step 1 - Download it. Download the template of the board model that you'd like us to create for you. (San Marcos Template, Aransas Template, San Jacinto Template)

Step 2 - Print it. Add notes and sketches of what you'd like us to add to your board and where you want your design placed. The more details the better. 

Step 3 - Snap it. Snap a picture of your sketch with your cell phone and email it to us at support@jarvisboards.com.


That's it! You've just designed your custom paddle board. From there, our in-house design team will finalize your design and add you to our monthly production schedule. 

Please note, it typically takes us five to seven weeks for custom paddle board orders so please plan accordingly. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at support@jarvisboards.com.