September 17, 2018

How many of y’all are from Austin? If so, you’ve probably tuned into KVUE to get your daily dose of local news, sports and entertainment many times. Well, after doing a quick segment with them on the launch of our new wood wakesurf boards back in June they contacted us again to see if we would be interested in doing a more in depth piece with them on the history of our brand as well as the actual wood paddle board making process. Of course, this was an opportunity that we could not turn down. Little did we know, that this segment would give us the opportunity to help a well deserving fellow Texan. 

Terri Gruca is a well known reporter/anchor for KVUE and she took the ropes on this story. When Terri and her crew came to shoot in our shop, she was talking to us about a local Austin prosthetic specialist she did a story on a couple weeks ago. She insisted we meet, as we share similar passions in life. Chase Brown owns Capital Prosthetics and Orthotics here in Austin, TX. He is committed to providing the highest quality and most innovative approaches to prosthetic and orthotic devices. I would say he is far exceeding that. We got to talking and he told us about a patient he sees regularly (this patient drives all the way from Port Mansfield to see him). Charlie was an avid surfer before he developed a nerve condition that cost him his leg. Since then, he has yet to get back on the water. We got to brainstorming with Terri and Chase, and we came up with a plan to Charlie back onto the water again. We were going to gift him a paddle board. 

 A few weeks later, Charlie came in to Austin to see Chase for one his regular appointments. He had recently received a water proof foot and Chase wanted to make sure everything was still working properly. Chase and Charlie’s girlfriend helped come up with a way to get him out to Austin Ski Shores where we were waiting along side Terri with a paddle board. Charlie was speechless and we had never felt so honored to be a part of such a special and life changing moment. 

Charlie’s girlfriend fought back tears as she talked about how she truly believes that people are put into our lives for a purpose and we could not agree more. People are truly brought into your life for a reason and Terri and Chase were put into our life for this reason. Charlie is now back home at his house on the coast using his wooden paddle board to get back into surfing. 


Click the link to watch the whole surprise take place.