February 20, 2018

The Rio-Grande Paddle board has been our most successful paddle board to date. For 2018, we are making it even better. We've tweaked the shape ever so slightly so that it handles better in rougher water. We've also updated the finish making them even more impact resistant. Best of all, it's now available in multiple sizes!

For lighter paddlers in the 105 to 165 lbs. weight range, we've created a scaled down 10'8" version that is easier to manuver on and out of the water. The 11'6" version will still be available for paddlers in the 165 to 225 lbs. weight range. We've also created an entirely new board named the Brazos. This 12'0 board is designed for fisherman and paddlers weighing more than 225 lbs. who want increased stability. 

All three models have bungee mounts, cooler anchors, and are customizable using an entirely new feature, Ram Mounts. These anchor points allow paddlers to customize their boards with cup holders, a GPS, rod holders, cameras, and more.