November 01, 2022

“Can I really make my own wooden surfboard?” Most of you might constantly ask yourself this question and we get you, but you will never know if you’re not going to try! Our paddle board plans are designed to be easy to build, especially for a first-time builder.  As a matter of fact, a lot of the builders we met with were amateur woodworkers!

That being said, we’re kicking off this month with a story about a builder from Powell, Ohio who has no experience in woodworking and yet has built an incredible surfboard.

Jarvis Boards builder spotlight

Board Model:
For this hollow core DIY wood paddle board project he used our San Marcos 11'4" paddle board plan.

Favorite part and most challenging part of the building process:
Never having done any woodworking, I learned a great deal during the process. I most enjoyed seeing the board take shape as I added the strips.

Carving the rails proved the most challenging. I read a fair amount about different rail designs because I wanted a board that I could surf as well as use on flat water. Additionally, getting the design right and ensuring both rails were exactly the same took some time.

Jarvis Boards San Marcos 11'4" paddle board plan


Lesson learned during the process:
You can actually solve most problems with Google searches. There’s lots of helpful information out there.

jarvis boards wooden surfboard

Now it's time to build yours, because there's nothing better than surfing the waves on a wooden surfboard that you created with your own hands!

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Ready to start your own paddle board build? There are a few ways to start. You can start with our digital or printed paddle board plans or with our pre-cut frame kits.