San Marcos Paddle Board - Austin Series #4 of 6

    • In progress for June delivery. 

To pay homage to our home city, we are building a series of 6 one of a kind wood paddle boards to showcase some of our favorite things about the city. 
      • Board number 4 in our series is all about the night life, food and culture of the city. There is a lot of good food and good fun to be had in this city. From the downtown entertainment districts to the newer, trendier bars on the east side of town, there is something for everyone. Nothing embodies the joy of night life quite like the skyline of downtown. For this custom paddle board, we will use darker woods to create the skyline for some of the cities most famous landmarks. To make the skyline come to life, we will add elements of lighter wood to create "windows" in the buildings. This one is going to be epic! 

    • Like all of the boards in this series, we are building one of each and will be using the San Marcos template which is the most advanced all-around wooden paddle board we've ever created. Weighing 26 pounds, it is the perfect SUP for all of your adventures including fitness paddling, surfing, yoga or just relaxing on the water. Thanks to the planing hull design, it is a versatile board that is equally at home on flat water as it is playing in the surf.

  • The San Marcos features on deck collapsable paddle clips making transportation and lounging on the water much more enjoyable. In addition, It features an on deck storage compartment to store drinks/keys on the water. Lastly, it features rear mounted gear bungees and ram mounts to make this our most versatile paddle board ever.

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