San Marcos (Most versatile) - WOOD PADDLE BOARD Plans | Kits

  • There is something magical about creating something with your own two hands. Building your own hollow core paddle board will be one of the most rewarding projects that you'll tackle.

    The San Marcos is the most advanced all-around wooden paddle board we've ever created. Weighing 26 pounds, it is the perfect SUP for all of your adventures including fitness paddling, surfing, yoga or just relaxing on the water. Thanks to the planing hull design, it is a versatile board that is equally at home on flat water as it is playing in the surf.

    Because of this versatility, the San Marcos is our most popular paddle board as it works great for such a wide range of paddlers in vary conditions. Available in two sizes to match paddlers weight.

    Like all of our paddle board plans, we offer a range of options ranging for plans, to kits, workshops and how-to-training.



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