Matagorda - Sit inside kayak


    • There is something magical about creating something with your own two hands. Building your own wood sit on top kayak will be one of the most rewarding projects that you'll tackle.

      The Matagorda kayak is a perfect all around recreational kayak. It's added length makes it a fast sleek kayak for distance paddling and exercise yet is stable enough for novice paddlers. It is a versatile sit inside kayak that works great for touring as well as recreational paddling.

      We've designed this DIY sit on top kayak to be a user friendly build making it a perfect project for 1st time builders. To fit a range of budgets, we offer several ordering options. To save money, many customers opt for our sit on top kayak plans in either digital or paper formats. While this is a great place to start, most builders opt for either our wood parts kits which will save you significant time building your kayak.
    • By using the stitch and glue method for assembling your kayak, expensive power tools are not required. In fact, the only power tools required are a sander and cordless drill. The Matagorda measures 15'9" and 23" wide making it perfect for paddlers between 120 to 190 pounds. Most builders require anywhere from 25 to 60 hours to complete their build depending on skill level and if they start with a kit or plans.

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