Limited Edition San Marcos - Wood Paddle Board

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  • Do you love the mountains but also love the beach? We created this special limited edition board for all you water lovers out there that also feel at home in the mountains. One of the more complex builds that we’ve done, this one features a total of 21 different pieces of wood through out. For the snow capped mountain scape, we used multiple species of wood moving form darker to lighter to create the illusion of depth. We’ve only built two of these and are available in the 10’4” San Marcos Size size so order early if the mountains are calling your name.

  • Like all of our San Marcos boards this makes a great all around board and features on deck collapsable paddle clips making transportation and lounging on the water much more enjoyable. In addition, It features an on deck storage compartment to store drinks/keys on the water. Lastly, it features rear mounted gear bungees and ram mounts to make this our most versatile paddle board ever.   

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