Full Scale Paper Paddle Board Plans

Ready to build your own hollow core wood paddle board?

You’ve come to the right place. Jarvis Boards has built over 1,000 wooden paddle boards in our Austin, TX studio. We’ve distilled all of that knowledge into easy to build wood stand up paddle board kits and plans for you to build at home.

Nervous if you have what it takes to build your own wooden paddle board at home? We know you can do this because before we became the premier wooden paddle board manufacturer, we started with average woodworking skills in a one car garage working nights and weekends. See our origin story. 

What’s included with the full scale paddle board plans? 

The full scale paddle board plans are just that. Full scale printed paper plans sized perfectly for you to trace and cut out the internal ribs to start your next paddle board. In addition, we will include a full shopping list of all of the items needed to create your board and our recommended vendors for each item.

Are these the same boards as the in-stock boards that you sell?

Yes and no. We’ve taken our proven shapes that we’ve made for customers across the globe and have adapted them to make the building process easy for the DIY builder at home. This gives you confidence that you’ll have a high performance, great looking paddle board that has been tested by paddlers worldwide.

Which board is right for me? 

We've created a selection of wooden paddle boards to fit a range of different paddlers' skill sets and uses. All of our kits are adaptations of our in-stock paddle boards. Learn more about our shapes here and see our size guide here. 

How will I receive my plans?

Paper plans are printed full size and shipped in a protective tube to prevent damage in transit. These plans save you the hassle of printing out the digital copy, making it easy for you to get started cutting out the frame kit for your new board.

How are these different than the digital plans? 

These plans are a physical hard copy print out of our digital plans. The paper plans save you the hassle of having them printed locally or printing on your home printer. 

Board Model