Custom Personalized Paddle Board

Our February production calendar is full. Now accepting orders for early April delivery.

Want to make your wood paddle board extra special? Design a custom paddle board by adding your favorite text, graphic, or logo to one of our proven paddle board designs. We've designed custom personalized paddle boards for clients ranging from Google and Yeti, to Bumble, and our weekend warriors. 


How it works:

Step 1: Download a custom order form and sketch out your ideas (they don't need to be perfect). San Marcos Template, San Jacinto Template, Aransas template

Step 2: Submit your board deposit along with your custom order form and any supporting graphics that you would like to submit. 

Step 3: Our graphic designer will finalize your concepts and send you a proof. After approval, we will add your board to our production list.

Step 4: We will get to work on your new board sharing pictures along the way. While lead times vary, it typically takes us anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks depending on seasonal demand.


Custom graphics are limited to an area no larger than an 18" x 36" on a board. Graphics can be color or black and white. Upon check out, our design team will reach out to assist in designing your graphic. Customization does not allow for making changes to wood or wood design. If you are interested in designing a board with custom wood patterns, please refer to our fully custom option.

How long it takes:

Custom boards take time to build and get right. Typically, we are able to complete custom paddle boards in about 4 to 5 weeks time after a design is finalized. 

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