Brazos Hollow core board kits


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This is a new design on sale for pre-order. Pre-order sale ends March 6th

Ships the week of March 9th

  • The Brazos is our most stable board ever. Designed for maximum stability, this board works great for larger paddlers or those that want a very stable platform for activities like fishing.  

    Specs - 12' x 33" x 7" 

    Floats - 350lbs

    Average finished weight - 33 - 40 lbs


    There are three ways you can start your new board. 

    1. Paper or digital plans - This is the most economical option for those on a budget or international customer. Starting here will add 10 to 15 hours to your build

    2. Pre Cut frames - This is the most common place to start. We ship you pre cut frames so that you can start right away assembling your board

    3. Locally Grown kits - This is our most comprehensive place to start and includes everything you need to build your board excluding the wood used for the exterior skins of the board. 

    Our locally grown kits include everything you need to build your board, excluding the wood for the skins. This includes the frame, glassing supplies, glue, mixing cups, gloves, graphics kit, and small parts (fin boxes, leash loops and vents). 

    For the skins, most builders use cedar which can be sourced from many local hardware stores across the country for around $150 to $200. 

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