In stock and in production San Jacinto Boards

The San Jacinto is the most advanced touring wooden paddle board we've ever created. It features a displacement hull design making it the perfect SUP for paddlers who want a paddle board that is fast enough for fitness paddling yet stable enough for activities like yoga or fishing. Weighing as little as 26 pounds, this is the perfect board for newer paddlers interested in speed.

The San Jacinto paddle board is handcrafted in our Austin studio using Cherry, Cedar and Maple.

The San Marcos features on deck collapsable paddle clips making transportation and lounging on the water much more enjoyable. In addition, It features, it features rear mounted gear bungees, and cooler mounts  to make this our most versatile paddle board ever.

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10'8" 30" 26 POUNDS 105 - 180 200
11'8" 31" 29 POUNDS 170 -240 250


In stock and in production paddle boards

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