Project Texas Flag - San Jacinto Model wood paddle board

Our artisan one of a kind boards sell out quickly. This design is sold out and we don't currently have another one in progress.  Interested in having us create a similar board for you?

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  • They say everything is bigger in Texas. We say everything is better. To pay tribute to our home state of Texas, we created a truly unique Texas flag wood paddle board. Using a total of twelve different pieces of wood, including Cherry, Maple, Bubinga and Cedar, we've created a truly unique one of a kind board that is sure to turn heads all summer on the water. For our limited edition boards, we typically only build one of each, but because everything is bigger in Texas, we've built a pair of these. 

  • We've built this pair of boards using our San Jacinto template which is the most advanced touring wooden paddle board we've ever created. It features a displacement hull design making it the perfect SUP for paddlers who want a paddle board that is fast enough for fitness paddling yet stable enough for activities like yoga or fishing. Weighing as little as 26 pounds, this is the perfect board for newer paddlers interested in speed.

    Like all of our San Jacinto paddle boards, this one features an on deck storage compartment to store drinks/keys on the water. Lastly, it has rear mounted gear bungees and Ram mounts to make this our most versatile paddle board ever.

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