San Jacinto Paddle Board Plans San Jacinto Paddle Board Plans
San Jacinto Paddle Board Plans from $29.00 $49.00
Do you want to make your own San Jacinto Paddle Board from scratch? Well now you can! Here is an instantly downloadable or hardcopy set of full scale plans for building your own San Jacinto Frame in either the 10'8" or 11'8" model.  Plans include: All Frame pieces including Cross Pieces/Ribs, Rails, & the Center Spine Integrated Rocker Tabs for assembling Frame on flat work surface Pieces & layout optimized to fit on one 4×8’ sheet of 5mm or 6mm/0.25in plywood 40+ page detailed step-by-step instructions You will need to source the materials locally and cut out each section of the frame yourself. For international customers, those on a tight budget, or curious builders, this is the perfect place to start! If you can’t wait to get out on the water, start by ordering our laser-cut Frame Kits.   Which Plan type is right for me? PDF Plans can either be printed full scale by your local printer on 24” wide paper (recommended), or using your home computer, so that you can accurately trace and cut out the internal ribs to get started building your next paddle board.  CNC Plans are for builders that have their own CNC router and would like to use it to cut their own frame. The files will be sent via DXF format. Paper Plans will be printed full scale and shipped in a 24" packing tube ready to be traced out and cut out on your material.    Watch Frame assembly video here:  
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