Pre-milled Paulownia Deck Skin Lumber

Paulownia wood is knot-free, which greatly reduces wastage and makes it a good choice for many applications such as our wooden stand-up paddleboards.

  • Paulownia wood is also the lightest known timber other than balsa.
  • Paulownia wood also has the highest strength to weight ratios of any wood in the world and makes for an incredibly strong and lightweight board.
  • Perfect material for building a paulownia paddleboard
  • Our Pre milled Paulownia wood is available in strips and planks.
  • Planks are perfect for creating side rails while strips work best for the top and bottom decks.
  • Board models require 2 packs of strips to cover the top, 2 packs of strips to cover the bottom and 1 pack of planks for the side rails.
  • Shorter wood strips can be joined together using either the butt joint or scarf joint to cover the full length of the board.
  • Strips: 1" x .25" x 59" (Sold in packs of 25 strips)
  • Planks: 6" x .25" x 59" (Sold in packs of 10 planks)

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