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The Guadalupe is a lightweight, all-around paddle board weighing an average of 25 lbs!  This paddle board is the perfect all-around wood SUP making it ideal for fitness paddling, catching waves, SUP Yoga, or just having fun on the water with friends and family. It features a 2+1 fin configuration and is available in two sizes to fit a specific paddlers' size and weight. 

Like all of our boards, the Guadalupe has a maintenance free, high gloss finish and is individually handcrafted in Austin, TX. In addition, it features details such as an ergonomic leather carrying handle, maintenance free gore-tex vents, gear bungees, and the industry leading tool-less FCS II fin system. 

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Brand Story
The result is a board that’s both fast and stable, ideal for beginners, capable enough for avid paddlers, and worthy of display when you’re back on land.
— Uncrate