Our goal is to build the best wood boards on and for the planet.


At Jarvis, we believe in American craftsmanship, living consciously, and traveling adventurously. As an Austin-based company, this motto inspires us to locally craft high-quality paddle boards made to last while minimizing environmental impacts. Whether you're chasing waves, staying in shape, or enjoying life with friends and family, we want you to love your wood SUP year after year.


Jarvis Boards offers a rare combination of quality, beauty and durability only achievable by pairing natural material with expert craftsmanship.”
— SUP Magazine
The result is a board that’s both fast and stable, ideal for beginners, capable enough for avid paddlers, and worthy of display when you’re back on land.
— Uncrate

Craftsmanship Lives


We take great pride in crafting boards in Austin, Texas. Our designs use a wide range of materials, including wood, reclaimed lumber, recycled foam, and even leather. The result is wood paddle boards that are lightweight, better for the environment, and extremely durable, thanks to the natural strength of wood.

Owner and founder Tony Smith and his team are changing the world of SUP, with handcrafted genuine wood boards that are made in Austin, Texas.
— SUP Connect Magazine
  How it's Made.

 How it's Made.



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