Jarvis Boards was founded with a simple mission. Build the best wooden paddle boards on and for the planet. As Jarvis Boards has pursued this mission, the press has taken notice. See what others are saying about our Austin made paddleboards
I just wanted to let you know that I love my board…..I’ve taken the board out probably 30 times now on the Key and have enjoyed it so much. Thanks for bearing with all my questions, if you ever need a recommendation feel free to use me.
— Kevin M (Florida Keys)
Jarvis Boards offers a rare combination of quality, beauty and durability only achievable by pairing natural material with expert craftsmanship.”
— SUP Magazine
Your work is incredibly beautiful, detailed and amazingly unique! It is a damn work of art. I will send a photo once I get the Chihuahua, on board.
— customer Miles H. (Portland, OR)
Owner and founder Tony Smith and his team are changing the world of SUP, with handcrafted genuine wood boards that are made in Austin, Texas.
— SUP Connect Magazine
...the result is a board that’s both fast and stable, ideal for beginners, capable enough for avid paddlers, and worthy of display when you’re back on land.
— Uncrate
I wanted to thank you for the time, energy and resources put into making this beautiful board! It is almost too lovely to use. She handles beautifully; this was the perfect gift to celebrate 30 years of life.
— customer Brittany B. (Bakersfield, CA)
I’ve been at my lake house in Lake Tahoe all week and my husband and I have been out on our paddleboards every morning and night. Thank you SO much for the beautiful boards. We love them and they have made our week here very special.
— Catherine (Lake Tahoe, CA)

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