If you use wood aren't your boards really heavy?

No. Weight is kept to a minimum thanks to our unique process. Generally, our boards weigh approximately the same if not less than many plastic boards. Depending on the design and the density of a specific piece of wood, our boards weigh between 22 and 28 pounds. 

Where do you build your boards? 

Our boards are individually crafted in Austin, Texas. We want to keep our production local so that we can respond to and interact with our local customers as much and as frequently as possible. 

It’s so pretty. Are Jarvis Boards too fragile to actually use?

No. While this may be counterintuitive, they are much less prone to damage than typical foam/fiberglass boards. Because of the natural strength of wood fibers, our boards are much less likely to pressure ding or spider web. Under typical usage, the only damage that you may see from impacts will be superficial. This damage to the fiberglass can typically be easily fixed by any board shop or at home. Please contact us with specific questions.

What type of wood do you use?

Our boards are constructed with weight, longevity, and environment impact in mind. To minimize weight and maximize longevity, we primarily use reclaimed redwood, cedar, and paulownia (aka empress trees) to construct our boards. For more details on the construction method and the woods that we use, take a look at our How It’s Made page. 

I'm sold! Where can I try/buy a board?

You're in luck! You can order our boards directly from Jarvis Boards from our online store. If you are in the greater Austin area and would like to look at or try one of our boards in person then fill out the info on our Demo Page. 

Do you have a brick and mortar? I'd like to see some of your boards.

Yes and no. We handcraft our boards in a studio woodshop in East Austin. While our shop doesn't have "normal" business hours that it is open to the public, we encourage you to drop us an email or phone call and we can setup some time for you to come see our boards. We periodically host pop-up store events, so join our newsletter to find out when we will be near you. 

Can your boards be used in salt water

By all means! Salt water or fresh water really doesn't make a difference. Like any board it does't hurt to rinse it off with clean fresh water periodically. 

Do I need to varnish them every year? What maintenance is required? 

No varnishing is required. As far as mainteneance is concerned, there are a couple key tips that you want to follow. 1. Don't store your board in the direct sun long term and 2. if you are doing something really crazy and do breach the outer waterproof layer, let your board dry out and repair it before getting back in the water. 


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