Demo boards are mechanically sound and have been cleaned up to like new condition.  Most paddlers likely wouldn't notice that these have been used.

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The San Jacinto is the most advanced touring wooden paddle board we've ever created. It features a displacement hull design making it the perfect SUP for paddlers who want a paddle board that is fast enough for fitness paddling yet stable enough for activities like yoga or fishing. If you want a fast board and don't plan on surfing consider this your next board. 

The San Jacinto paddle board is handcrafted in our Austin studio using Cherry, Cedar and Maple. It features an on deck storage compartment to store drinks/keys on the water. Lastly, it has rear mounted gear bungees and Ram mounts to make this our most versatile paddle board ever. 

Like all of our boards, the San Jacinto has a maintenance free, high gloss finish and is individually handcrafted in Austin, TX. In addition, it features details such as an ergonomic leather carrying handle, maintenance free gore-tex vents, gear bungees, and the industry leading tool-less FCS II fin system. 

Brand Story
Owner and founder Tony Smith and his team are changing the world of SUP, with handcrafted genuine wood boards that are made in Austin, Texas.
— SUP Connect Magazine
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