Rio-Grande Lone Star Edition

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Rio-Grande Lone Star Edition

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Limited Production Board

When Jarvis Boards wanted to build a board to pay homage to Texas we teamed up with the best and collaborated with lifestyle brand No. 4 St. James of Austin, Texas. This board is designed and built using the same techniques as the standard Rio-Grande board and is ideal for flatwater fitness and touring. It's lightweight, fast, and stable. Its sleek displacement hull is made using several different woods including Paulownia, cherry, cedar, and fir wood, yet the board still weighs only 28  pounds, thanks to its modern recycled foam core.  The board’s aesthetic design pays tribute to Texas, and specifically its more than 80,000 miles of tranquil waterways, waiting to be explored. Adorning the top deck is a symbolic nod to the Texas flag, with a distinctive centerpiece “lone star” at the bow and a subtle pinstripe along the sagittal plane. On the bottom of the board, we’ve inlayed a special, custom graphic of the State of Texas, its shape formed by the major waterways within its boundaries. The Rio Grande - Lone Star Edition standup paddle board is replete with the high quality features shared by all Jarvis Boards: it’s made using eco-friendly methods and American materials, in small batches, by hand. At center you’ll find a laser engraved leather carrying handle, which is removable. The soft non-slip pad will keep you surefooted (and comfy, for when you want to lie down and catch some rays). And the durable wood construction will withstand the usual bumps and and dings that accompany the typical adventure. 

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