Personalized Custom Paddle Board

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Personalized Custom Paddle Board

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When you order a Jarvis Board, you are ordering a unique, functional piece of art. Thanks to the natural beauty and character of wood, no two paddle boards can ever be identical. We are taking this uniqueness one step further, allowing customers to personalize their new wood SUPs by adding custom graphics, text and designs!

So how does it work?

  1. Select one of our proven wood paddle board shapes that best fits you and your needs. 
  2. Order your board using the purchase button below. During checkout, briefly describe what you'd like to add to your board. This can be simple text, a handrawn sketch, a vector graphic, or even a photo.
  3.  We will translate your idea into a design that looks amazing. Once you've approved of the final design, we will build your personalized custom SUP in about four to five weeks.* 

How long does it take? 

Designing custom paddleboards can be time consuming, therefore we only open our custom shop up to a handful of orders each month. Once a design is finalized, it typically takes us about 4 weeks to complete your new customized board. *

* May take longer during peak summer months

What can't be customized? 

What can be customized? 

We have spent an extraordinary amount of time fine tuning the shape of our boards and selecting the woods that we know works best. Given this, we typically don't make significant deviations from our standard shapes and woods that we typically use. By limiting this, we are able to guarantee that we are crafting boards that we know work really well for their intended purpose.

If you have a graphic, logo, name, date, text or design that you want added anywhere on your board, it's pretty much guaranteed that we can do it using our prorpietiery process.



How do I order? 

It's simple. Select the board below that you want. At checkout, provide some brief notes of what customizations you are looking to do. We will reach out within 24 hours to solidify your design ideas. Once you've agreed on a design that you love, we will get to work handcrafting your board in our studio. 

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