Lighter, Green, Better - 2015 Boards.

Since the inception of Jarvis Boards the goal has been the same, "Build the best wood SUP possible." To us this means locally crafting wood paddle boards that look great, performs well and minimizes environmental impacts. With the 2015 line-up we made progress on all three fronts making our boards lighter, greener and as good looking as ever. 

For 2015 we are excited to release three new models designed for differing water conditions and skill levels. These wood paddle boards are our lightest wood SUP’s to date weighing between 22 and 28 pounds. In addition, we’ve added a removable oil-rubbed, engraved leather carrying handle to make it easier to get the boards to and out of the water.

For 2015 we’ve updated our designs so that they are made from a higher percentage of reclaimed and recycled materials.  All of our non-custom wood paddle boards are made using a partially recycled EPS foam core. By using a recycled product, we are keeping waste out of the landfill and repurposing it into a useful product. This foam core is reinforced using sustainable wood skins secured using a plant based bio-resin epoxy made by Entropy Resins.   The board is then finished off with nose and tail blocks made from reclaimed redwood. The result is the greenest wood boards we've made to date. 

See the new boards.  

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