The best wooden paddle boards - 2016

If you don't follow us on Facebook or Instagram then you are missing out on a ton of new developments, stories, and photos of our wooden stand up paddle boards. We are kicking off a new series featuring some of our most viewed photos of wood SUPs from social media and the stories behind them. This first series is a recap of some of the highlights from 2016!

Stand up Paddle Boarding in Tulum, Mexico

Mexico could be one of my favorite countries. Sure there may be some not so bright spots, but in the probably 20 times I've been south of the border I've never had an experience that wasn't incredible. I had heard great things about a little secluded enclave along the beach near the popular Cancun area but had never visited. On a whim I booked tickets to Tulum and this is the resulting image. It simply doesn't get much better than a wood SUP on the beach and no other paddler in sight. Trust me, it's a must do trip!

 Wooden Paddle board ready for action on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico!

Wooden Paddle board ready for action on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico!

SUP Yoga

Early in the summer of 2016, someone on Instagram starts posting these stunning SUP yoga pictures on one of our wooden paddle boards from North Carolina. Blown away by the quality of the pictures and difficulty of the yoga, we had to email them. A few e-mails and a quick phone call later and we learned that Angel had picked up a board a few months earlier and is an avid paddler and yoga teacher. In addition, she had a whole host of images that she'd share with us! As if the story couldn't get any crazier, the same day she sent over the pictures, Austin Woman's Magazine reached out. They wanted pictures of "someone doing yoga or something cool."  That's how Angela went from Jarvis Boards customer to the pages of Austin Woman's Magazine in about 48 hours! 

 It's all about stability on a wooden paddle board! 

It's all about stability on a wooden paddle board! 


The Germans

I'm still not quite sure how or why but our wood paddle boards are quite popular in Germany. In fact, there was a point in time last year when there were more boards in Germany/Switzerland/Austria than there were in our home town of Austin, Texas! This image was shared by SUP Nation on Instagram who frequently surfs his custom wood board in the North Atlantic!

 Wood stand up paddle board ready for action in Hamburg, Germany!

Wood stand up paddle board ready for action in Hamburg, Germany!




While we are on the international train, these two customer images of our wood SUPs definitely put a smile on our faces when they showed up. The first one is from a high-rise balcony in Singapore. Guess where the second one is from?!

Wooden paddle board in Canada

Road Trip Bliss

We made a couple of cross-country road trips last year showcasing our wooden paddle boards. The first one is from a trip to Florida. After way too many hours in the truck, we pulled over for the night, and decided to get a quick paddle in before the sun went down. As we were walking down the beach, the Blue Angels flew overhead close enough for us to smell the fuel burning!  Pretty epic to say the least!

 Paddling our wood SUP in Pensacola Florida

Paddling our wood SUP in Pensacola Florida

Not All Road Trips Go Well

On a trip up the Pacific coast highway, we wanted to check out Prismo beach. On the way in we got stuck in the sand. What's one to do in that situation? First panic, then get out your drone and snap a quick photo for Instagram. Here you can see our wooden SUPs on the roof of the truck ready for adventure! 



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How To Install SUP Fins

At Jarvis Boards, we are always looking for ways to make our wood SUPs better. In many ways this means making them easier to use for more people. This quest for building better products led us to change the fins that we ship with our wooden paddle boards.

All new for 2017, we are now shipping our wooden SUPs with FCS II tooless fins. What's so special about these fins you ask? For one, there are no additional tools, screws or small pieces needed to install the fins. This means, no more getting to the water and realizing you can't find your fin key, screw or mounting plate. In addition, they are insanely easy to install, remove and make adjustments on the fly. To learn more about these new fins and see why we are so proud to offer these premium fins standard, check out the short video below which illustrates how to install your paddle board fin. 

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