Lock In The Best Prices Of The Summer


Many people ask what makes our boards stand out from every other paddle board? While there are many features of our boards that we feel allow us to stand out, we truly take pride in the premium wood we use to craft each paddle board. 

Not only does the wood provide durability when compared to other boards, but it also adds unique character. No board we craft is going to have the same wood grains as any other. We love that because we truly want each of our customers to have a work of art that is unlike any other and that they are proud of. 

Unfortunately, the price of lumber has increased rapidly in the recent years. While we've been able to absorb most of these cost increases, sadly we will be increasing the price of our wood paddle boards in August. We hate to do this, but we also want to ensure that we can keep crafting our high quality wood paddle boards for many years to come. However, we want you to be able to lock in our lowest prices before the price change. Order by August 15th to ensure that you’ll get your beautifully crafted Jarvis board before prices go up. 

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