Never Stop Improving

Jarvis Boards core mission has always been to build the best wood boards on Earth. To be the best means that you are ever evolving to improve your craft. For our latest set of boards, we've not only mixed up the woods that we use, but we've also added two new features that make the user's experience more enjoyable.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 10.46.09 PM.png

Anyone that has spent anytime paddling, doing SUP Yoga or just relaxing on the lake knows that your paddle seems to always slowly float away when you are hanging out.  Problem solved! For our latest boards, we've added on deck collapsable paddle clips which make transportation easier and relaxing on the lake more enjoyable. Now you can remain totally hands-free while you progress through your yoga routine, drink beer, or sunbathe. 

Down in Austin when it's really hot, we like to hangout on the lake with friends, dangle our feet in the water and drink "non-alcoholic" beverages. With our latest boards, we've added a dedicated place to store your keys, cell phone, coffee or beer while you're hanging out on the lake. 

Both of these new features are available on our newest all around board, the San Marcos and San Jacinto. 

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