Carry More Gear On Your Wooden Paddle Board

Our mission has always been to build the best wooden paddle board possible. As such, we are continually tweaking, updating, and improving our wood SUPs. With that in mind, we've been working on ways to help paddlers carry more and do more with their wooden SUPs. We've updated the Rio-Grande, Guadalupe, and Trinity models to include rear-mounted removable bungee straps. These nearly invisible bungee straps make it easier than ever to carry your gear for those longer days on the water. 


In addition, we've added integrated mounting points to the Rio-Grande model so that paddlers can securely attach their Yeti Roadie or Yeti 35 coolers. The mounting points securely attach the cooler to your board using nylon straps.  A cooler increases versatility of your wooden paddle board serving as a seat, and can double as an additional mounting point for accessories. In addition, you can carry along your favorite beverages for a fun day out on the water. 

While upgrading our wood SUPs we managed to keep both the weight and costs the same. In addition, the visual aesthetic of our wooden SUPs has not been altered. 




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