How To Install SUP Fins

At Jarvis Boards, we are always looking for ways to make our wood SUPs better. In many ways this means making them easier to use for more people. This quest for building better products led us to change the fins that we ship with our wooden paddle boards.

All new for 2017, we are now shipping our wooden SUPs with FCS II tooless fins. What's so special about these fins you ask? For one, there are no additional tools, screws or small pieces needed to install the fins. This means, no more getting to the water and realizing you can't find your fin key, screw or mounting plate. In addition, they are insanely easy to install, remove and make adjustments on the fly. To learn more about these new fins and see why we are so proud to offer these premium fins standard, check out the short video below which illustrates how to install your paddle board fin. 

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